Asset Intelligence:

Improving and making best use of asset data to deliver the right business solution

Aqua have been at the forefront of asset intelligence for a number of years. We have a number of solutions which we have developed with our clients to improve service and performance, which are data driven.

We have delivered data driven solutions to support some of the most significant challenges supporting the infrastructure sectors including customer service, regulatory performance, Net Zero and asset deterioration. We hold data engineering frameworks with our key clients to make best use of their data, reduce ‘snow blinding’ and provide genuine insight and action. 

Predicting interruptions to water supply before they happen


The last 10 years has seen dramatic improvements in water company interruptions to supply performances, yet ambitious companies are responding to customer expectations and seeking to improve performances still further.

Catalyst for change

The outcome delivery incentives established at PR19 create opportunities for companies to earn financial rewards (or avoid financial penalties) through driving down the frequency and duration of interruptions. 


We have examined indicators such as flow variations, weather variables and network characteristics to identity signals that an interruption is likely to occur. Our analysis is identifying up to 30% of interruptions 1 to 5 days before they happen, allowing pro-active leak detection efforts to identify a small leak before it becomes a big problem or putting operational teams on alert to resource a response for a failure in a particular area. 

Why Aqua

Our data analytical skills help companies to make the best use of the data which they hold. Combining engineering insight with robust modelling and simple to use graphical tools which represent complex data in a format which can easily be used by operational teams.

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